Agile 101

Everybody around you are working in this new Agile fashion. / You are a manager, your employees have told you they want to do/be Agile. / You are new in a team who works with Agile methods.

You need to know what this hype is about!

This course will take you on a journey from mindsets to principles to methods to techniques, all under the Agile umbrella.

This course is for anyone interested in Agile.

After this course…

  • You will understand what Agile is about
  • You can tell what is Agile and what is not
  • You have the power to change work process to a more effective and efficient way

Topics covered

  • Agile mindsets, such as collaboration and synergistic thinking
  • The Agile manifesto, its goal and its principles
  • What is wrong with large projects, multitasking, resource optimisation, etc.
  • Agile and Lean methods, such as Scrum, Extreme Programming and Kanban

The course content can be adjusted to comfortably fit a time slot between 3 hours (overview with short exercises) and 1.5 days (experiental learning).

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