Design thinking

Design Thinking is a way to get better balance in a tech- and business-focused product development world using design methods to also include the user’s perspective. Our course in Design Thinking will give you a toolbox for user-centred product development so that you can make sure that your product and service will be end up being something the users want and can use.

The core of Design Thinking is to understand and meet the user’s needs as well as finding the solution that fulfils these needs best. To do this, you will also need to identify who the users really are and what impact that has on the design of the product. Another important aspect in successful Design Thinking is to be able to collaborate and communicate learnings to the rest of the development team.

This course is for people working with some kind of product development, lacking the tools to learn about the users’ needs and to validate solutions.

After this course…

  • You know how to implement user-centered product development and Design Thinking methods
  • You know who to involve inte the process, both users and colleagues
  • You know how to elicit the needs of the users and make sense of the result
  • You know how to ideate possible solutions to the needs
  • You know how to validate the solutions to see if they fulfil the needs

Topics covered

  • User-centered development, Usability, User Experience and Design Thinking
  • Balanced teams, tech-/business-/user-focus in unison
  • Selecting and recruiting user groups
  • Interviewing users
  • Structuring and making sense of the interview results
  • Innovation and ideation processes
  • Prototyping and validation of solutions
  • Communication and collaboration with other roles

The course content can be adjusted to comfortably fit a time slot between 3 hours (lecture with short exercises) and 2 days (detailed workshop).

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