Impact & User Story mapping

Impact Mapping is a strategic planning technique during the discovery phase that will help organisations manage flexible roadmaps for iterative and incremental delivery, by clearly communicating assumptions, helping teams align their activities with overall business objectives and user goals. Impact mapping can help you build products that make an impact for both your customers and your business, not just ship software.

User story mapping helps you envisage the entire product or service, through the eyes of the user. Together with impact mapping, you will be able to build a roadmap and backlog that can achieve the intended business and user impact with ease.

This course is for everyone working with services and products. Some Agile experience is beneficial.

After this course…

  • You are able to ensure that you’re building the right product
  • You can make an impact with software products and projects
  • You know how to communicate overall goals and vision
  • You are able to connect the goals and vision to specific user journeys and user stories
  • You are able to build a roadmap and backlog with impact and user story maps
  • You know how create good and communicative user stories

Topics covered

  • Impact mapping
  • User story mapping
  • Goals, outcomes, impacts, needs, behaviours, actions
  • Actors and users
  • Balanced teams
  • Agile prioritisation
  • User stories

The course content can be adjusted to comfortably fit a time slot between 3 hours (lecture with short exercises) and 2 days (detailed workshop).

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