Innovation tools

Getting ideas is not the problem. All organisations have more ideas than what they can do something about. But in order to discover the ideas that give the impacts you want to create, a good methodology is needed. This course gives you proven tools for highlighting ideas from different perspectives and getting the buy-in to implement them.

This course will give you a toolbox for innovation and you will know which tools should be used when you have innovation workshops in your organisation

This course is for everyone who are passionate about creative processes and want to get serious.

After this course…

You will be able to hold a great and impactful innovation workshop on your own.

Topics covered

We will carry out an innovation workshop, from start to finish. We will try out a variety of tools and also discuss when and in what context that particular tool works best.

Tools and theory we will most likely try out:

  • Innovation Processes
  • Workshop Outline
  • Idea generation methods
    • Brainstorming
    • Collaborative brainstorming
    • Negative idea generation
  • Idea development methods
    • Injection
    • The baton
    • Layer on layer
  • Idea selection methods
    • Timeboxing
    • Impact assessment
    • Dot voting
    • Clustering
    • Classification
    • Top lists
  • Design generation methodology leading to prototypes
    • Bodystorming
    • Design studio
  • Validation Methodology
    • Hypothesis validation / experiments



The course is a one day case-based workshop at a venue with lots of whiteboards or good walls to put post-its on.

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