User Research

I bet that you would want your product to be usable and desirable for the end users. You’ll learn a lot when meeting actual users and you’ll get better arguments for your ideas. When you know that you’re building something that there is a need for, work gets to be really fun. Your only problem is how you should meet and talk to users.

This course gives you a practical toolkit and process to interview users and make sense of the result.

This course is for people working with some kind of product development, lacking the tools to learn about the users’ needs.

After this course…

  • You know how to find the right users to interview
  • You know which method to use in what context
  • You know how to elicit the needs of the users and make sense of the result

Topics covered

  • Selecting and recruiting user groups, incl. screening methods
  • Bias :)
  • Interviewing users through 1-on-1 interviews, contextual interviews and co-creation
  • User journey mapping, card sorting and other elicitation methods
  • Documenting and structuring data into user journeys and/or personas
  • Visualisation of the outcome
  • User research with children

The course content is structured for an approximately one day long session.


“Som produktägare och coach har jag haft stor nytta av kunskaperna som Martin skickligt delade med sig av. Metoder för att möta användaren, och kunskapen om användarfokus i lyckad produktutveckling är särskilt värdefulla!” – Lina Leufvén

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